THE COLD PRESS – A joint effort, concept-EP from Brent Butler & Deascent (BBxD) is peaking its horned-head into the universe. BBxD brings the music to life on stage with Low Profile.

In the times past, from project conception to present day, the body of work we present is reflective of a divine transfiguration, manifested both in the music and spirit of the many involved.

Spitball, stage-side conversations, sustained via text message, tweet, and party corner convergences, contemplating an extemporaneous “mixtape” successor to our debut collaboration “Feelin Myself” (released exactly one year ago) slowly and organically assumed new shape, enlarged scope, and a story of its own.

We are perpetually challenging each other creatively, continually and unrelentingly emotionally-sculpted by personal, national, and global events of the past year – found ourselves no longer rapping about our lives specifically. A concept unfolded before us. Characters fell from our eyes. Lyrics were received as if from a transmission; transcribed rather than contrived. “Mixtape” no longer made sense, and genre-conforming seemed equally immaterial.

The Cold Press EP is not a mixtape, it is a story. It is not a Hip Hop album about Deascent or myself. This is an opera, set in the present, channeling the lives of the disillusioned child in us all. Confused, overexposed, misanthropic, and desensitized; struggling for self-realization in a violent, consumerist society threatening to consume you.

Enter the void.
(released August 4, 2015)