On Set with Ben

Spent time on set with Ben helping with this movie Brent and him are a part of. I assisted him with filming, gave some opinions on lighting, stood on some chairs and got really drunk. Mixed in some footage I found from this fall of Brent & Que Cee in Basement Bar. Must have been October/November.

Deascent Smoke

We have been getting prepared for our residency at Pianos for the month March.  We had such a busy January, it felt like we were playing 3 times a week. February has been like a fasting, making us hungry to tear up the stage. Soon!


WolfSet Productions release Compilation of Local Music

WolfSet Productions presents Colorphase Vol 1, a compilation (or playlist) of musicians’ music residing in NYC . Que Cee is an artist and maven, sharing this series of local artists that inspire him. The term Colorphase is also used to describe the the changing of wolves fur color, which changes in response to it’s environment .

Below are excepts of his writing about his philosophy on the music scene, BBxD is grateful to be a part of.  He says all that I am feeling. Que Cee had me at Ight.
-Dan Victor

wolfset“Ight, so if you’re anything like me, or if you’re a friend of mine, you most likely came across Christoph Carr and the Brooklyn Wildlife and it more or less changed your fuckin life. Like, not only did what goes on open your mind to all the different types of “cool” there is, what type of talent there is, all the different ways you can appreciate art from all the different people ” “…and ya’ll are all in this harmony.”

Brent & Que2“I have really good friends, the kind of whom I never thought I would even meet or get personal with. But another thing that really did a lot for me was how when your homie who is a performer is on stage talking about things that you connect with, you and at least 10 people around you hang out with 80% of the performers, there’s this electricity going through the room…” “…So, I now have a whole roster of favorite artists whom I’ve had the pleasure of either hanging with, or even collaborating with… ”

Brent & Que
“…allow me to simply share what have become classics to me (and all for different reasons). Hopefully this will compel you follow these artists or even come out to some of these events. I promise that your appreciation for art and even community will be deeper…”

– Written by Quinton Counts




Stanhope Session

Matt & Steve Roof

Dan Victor speaks #4. “Stanhope Session” We had a little practice jam session at the Stanhope spot, we kindly refer to as “the closet”. It was Matt, Stevie and myself on Thursday night and we had Brent over there on Sunday. That closet got us feeling nice, pushing out some great vibes and new ideas. A quick sample…

Going to Walgreens for Brent

The show at Gallery Bar required some ‘supplies’ for Brent Butler, including Halls lemon honey drops and black liquid eye liner. The Halls were lozenges for his sore throat, probably from talking so much. And the eyeliner was for this David Bowie tribute because Bowie just passed away (God rest his soul) earlier this week. Brent put a large black lightning bolt on his face. I got yelled at because I got the wrong color, brown. And Halls were 2 for 1. I just got one bag. But who needs more 1 one bag of throat lozenges? Who? Brent Bauer Butler. Then BBxD played the show at Gallery Bar, located in Bushwick on Broadway, across from Lone Wolf.

before fishnets and ice cream party at secret loft
before fishnets and ice cream party at secret loft